Public Beta MLA v1.3.2 Beta 3

The public beta of Moving Light Assistant v1.3.2 (beta 3) for macOS and Windows OS is now available for download from the Downloads page. This is primarily a maintenance release fixing bugs and optimising features. Please get in touch if you find bugs or issues.

Fixes include…

  • Cue List View – Fixed issue where photos 3 & 4 could not be displayed.
  • Preset Documentation View – Setting the first used cue for channels in selected presets now works when multiple presets are selected.
  • Preset Documentation View – When multiple channels are selected, the preset photo is now displayed rather than the last channel photo.
  • EOS Console – Increased number of allowed fixture profiles to 200.
  • EOS Console – Changed import to allow for commas in labels.
    Console software v2.7.2 onwards changed how it exported commas in labels.
  • grandMA 2 Console – Files for importing are again displayed in alphabetical order on macOS 10.13 onwards.
  • grandMA 2 Console – XML Effect import now handles effect lines where the channel number is different from the fixture number correctly.
  • grandMA 2 Telnet – Optimisations to improve speed sending commands on Windows OS.
  • Watch Folder (Windows OS) – Fixed crash when stopping.
  • Universe View – Fixed bug in largest free address and block calculation.
  • Scripts – Loading of scripts will now be sorted alphabetically.
    Fixes issue on macOS 10.13 onwards.
  • Scripting – Fixed issue where scripts using RunScript would not end. 
  • Scripting – Added new function ComputerControl.ApplicationWindowToFront.
  • Scripting – Added new function ComputerControl.PressKey.
  • OSC – Follow Console in the Preset Documentation view adjusted to reduce flicker on the Windows OS platform.
  • OSC v1.1 now works again.
  • Canon Drivers updated to v3.9
  • New script to use as a camera trigger script for Smart Shooter on Windows OS.
  • A few scripts have been updated. Some changes to OSC with the EOS consoles required some adjustments.