Moving Light Assistant v1.4 Beta 14

A new public beta of Moving Light Assistant has been posted on the Download page of this web site. A Windows OS version is also now available, though licensed users should probably continue using v1.3.2 if you need to generate/edit reports.

Beta 14 adds a ‘Demo’ mode to Moving Light Assistant. When a license is not found, you are able to open an existing document in ‘Reader’ mode as before. Now it is possible to create a new document for the purpose of evaluating Moving Light Assistant. The following limitations will apply while in ‘Demo’ mode.

• The application will only run for 60 minutes before quitting.
• It is not possible to save the show document.
• Report printing and PDF export are disabled.
• Reports are watermarked.
• Wheel Images are watermarked.
• Rig Data items are limited to 25 items.
• Show document import is disabled.
• Photo export is disabled.
• Only 50 photos can be taken.

This beta does not add any major changes to the reporting engine since the last beta. Editing and more reports will follow in a later beta release. The implementation of the new reporting engine is still a work in progress.