Importing grandMA2 data into MLA

There seems to be a common theme to users having issues importing grandMA2 console data into MLA. The usual error seen by users is that there is no channel cue data appearing in MLA. This is usually due to the incorrect folder being selected when importing XML files into MLA. You MUST choose the top level folder, usually called gma2. Do not choose perhaps the logical importexport folder. The grandMA2 saves XML files in a variety of folders within the gma2 folder which are required by MLA to correctly import the console data.


Details about exporting from grandMA2 console and importing into MLA can be found in the Release Notes pdf. You will need to import the MLA Export macro, select the USB stick as the destination to save the export, run the macro to export the data (this can take some time), take the USB stick from the console and connect to your computer and import into MLA.