Moving Light Assistant is an application designed to document both the physical setup and programming information for moving light rigs commonly used in the entertainment industry.

The application will run on both Apple Mac OSX (Intel only) and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Physical Rig Documentation

It is possible to document many settings and configurations of moving light fixtures used within the lighting rig. Configuration documentation includes…

  • DMX Mode and Patch
  • Gobo & Colour Wheel Loads
  • Fixture Menu Options/DIP Switch Options
  • Lenses & Lamps

There is an inbuilt fixture profile library which contains the DMX modes, default gobo and gobo wheel loads, lens and lamp choices and fixture menu options to make life easier for the user.

Rig Data View
Wheel Load View

Programming Documentation

It is possible to import data from several consoles to document presets/palettes and cues with photos and descriptions. It is possible to import data exported from the following consoles…

  • Electronic Theatre Controls EOS family of consoles. (Prests/Palettes, Cue List & Patch)
  • MA Lighting GrandMA Series 1 and grandMA2 consoles. (Presets, Cue List and Patch)
  • PRG Vx76 Consoles (Presets/Palettes, Cue List, Patch, Groups)
  • Highend System Whole Hog 2 console (Cue List data only)

Photos can be either be added either from files or via tethering directly from a connected camera. It is possible to draw directly on top on the photos to describe the focus of fixtures.

Preset Documentation View
Preset Documentation View

Console Data

From the imported console data, it is possible to analyse the use of presets/palettes and channels use in cues.

Preset Data View
Preset Data View
Channel Usage View


It is also possible to view the cue list and add your own cue notes, scene and photos. Again it is possible to add your own drawings on top of the photos.

Cue List View

About The Author

Andrew Voller is a freelance lighting designer and programmer. For more details on Andrew’s design and programming work, please visit his website.


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