Version 1.3.1 is released and available below. If you do not have a valid serial number, the application can be used as a reader for existing show documents. There is currently no demonstration or evaluation mode, but you can open the example show document below and look how the application can be used to document the moving lights on a production and the ways you can view the imported console data.

This release addresses some of the camera control issues when running on macOS High Sierra (10.13). MLA v1.3.1 also includes various bug fixes and feature improvements. Show documents are compatible between MLA v1.3 and MLA v1.3.1.

If the downloaded package is corrupted, you will need to try downloading again. Get in touch if you are still not able to download successfully.

Moving Light Assistant v1.3.1 (macOS)

Moving Light Assistant Release version 1.3.1 macOS.


Moving Light Assistant v1.3.1 (Windows OS)

Moving Light Assistant Release Version 1.3.1 Windows OS.

Here is a complete example show document (including imported console data) created by Chris Hirst. It has been ‘zipped’ up, so double click to expand the archive once it has downloaded. (Updated to version 1.3).

Example Show Document (MLA v1.3)


The user guide written by Martin Chisnall is available as a separate download (The user guide is included in the application installer downloads above). The manual is written for version 1.0 and should be read in conjunction with the latest release notes for the changes up to version 1.3.1.


User Guide v1.0 PDF


Release Notes v1.3 PDF

Below is the grandMA2 Support folder containing the macro to export console data from the grandMA2 console for importing into Moving Light Assistant.

grandMA2 Support Folder

grandMA2 Support folder containing the macro to export the console data XML files for importing into Moving Light Assistant.

Below are updated automated action scripts for Lightwright 6 to import and export data to and from Moving Light Assistant.

Lightwright 6 Automated Actions

Contains the automated actions to import and export with Moving Light Assistant. Once download and extracted, the file will need to be placed in the Shared Lightwright 6 folder ( on macOS this is for example MacintoshHD->Users->Shared->Lightwright 6 ).