Moving Light Assistant v1.2 Released

Moving Light Assistant v1.2 has now been released and is available for download from the Download page.

The new features include…

  • Reconciliation between Preset Documentation data and console data. This makes it easier to add only new presets (and also only if theyare actually used), add channels added to a existing preset, show or remove deleted channels or presets and also indicate if a channel or preset is actually used.
  • Preset Documentation Priorities. Presets can now be assigned a priority. It is then possible to sort and filter by priority.
  • Scripting. Scripting allows users to write scripts to automate actions and access data within MLA.
  • Console Communication. It is possible to send and receive commands to and from grandMA 2 and EOS Family consoles (EOS v2.3 onwards).
  • PRG’s Vx76 Console support. It is possible to import the XML data (Patch, Presets, Palettes, Cues, Groups) exported from the Vx76 range of consoles.
  • MLA Show Document import. It is now possible to import certain blocks of data from another MLA show document.
  • Rig Data Item Counting – Rig Data items can be counted and saved as a text file. Useful for getting fixture type counts.
  • Latest Canon drivers for DSLR cameras.

Read the release notes for a complete list if new features and improvements.